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Jun 12, 2019 Ivy Storehouse Staff
The ‘Oh So Pretty’ Ivy Box Debuts One-Of-A-Kind AKA Make-Up Brushes and Kit

What makes you feel beautiful? A little black dress? The perfect humidity-free hair day?

A lot of folks equate beauty with vanity, but it’s actually so much more than that. One of the most immediate ways to feel good on the inside is to look good on the outside. When you look your best, it translates to feeling your best – and feeling your best means presenting your greatest self to the world in all aspects of your personal and professional life.

Researchers have found that outward beauty has a real effect on your physical and mental health. Feeling good about yourself reduces stress, builds confidence, increases mental clarity and makes you an overall happier person. You then project those positive feelings to the world, moving with confidence and presenting yourself as the cool, self-assured woman you really are inside.

According to the American Psychological Society, people equate attractiveness with healthiness. So, when they encounter you, they perceive you as a beautiful woman and a healthy person. They treat you better, which ultimately affirms your own positive feelings about yourself. It’s essentially a cycle. Presenting your best physical self to the world helps you feel like your best mental and emotional self internally.

This month’s box is all about helping you look and feel beautiful inside and out. Use your new make-up bag to keep all of your cosmetics organized and convenient. You can also use it to store your new high-quality make-up brush set. With the summer travel season around the corner, the toiletry bag will keep all of your health and beauty essentials stylishly contained. Then, slip on your new tee-shirt and let the world know how pretty you feel on the inside. Put that cycle in motion, and always remember to celebrate your inner and outer beauty!

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